Doughnut Delicious Snack That Loved By Many People Around The World

Who does not know a Doughnut? Snacks such as fried bread shaped perforated very popular in the world. In fact, many outlets are successful donut vendors dominate the culinary business opportunities to capitalize the perforated cake on this one. Until now there is a lot of growing speculation about the history of the Doughnut. Which country was first popularized the concept of fried bread with the middle of the holes, still cannot be known with certainty. However, history records that the origins of modern about how to make Doughnut are now often we eat begins with the creation of Dutch people who like to make a cake of oil in the mid-19th century. Typical Dutch oil cake is known as "olykoeks". The cakes are round and usually fried in animal fat until golden brown. Because the center of the cake difficult to mature, usually added stuffing materials such as fruit or nuts that do not require a long cooking time. Then, some Dutch immigrants who settled in the United States continues to make olykoeks then the composition and the flavor is influenced by American culture.

Not only stories about how to make Doughnut are still debated. The name "Doughnut" were until now still often discussed origin. Some argue that the word "Doughnut" is derived from the word "nut" which means the bean, which are used to be olykoeks cake stuffing materials in order to prevent the immaturity of the central part of the cake. The term "Doughnut" was first used in the book titled "A History of New York" in 1809. Whatever the story behind the history of making Doughnut now we have known variants delicious donuts. As the development of a variety of recipes donuts, snack creative with this one too would be more convenient, is not it? So, prepare your favorite Doughnut recipes and start creating. Remember, always use quality wheat flourDoughnut primed for perfect results.


Taste The Deliciousness Of Egg Tart For Your Tea Time Friend

Egg Tart was introduced in the 1940s by Tengs Chaan cha in Hong Kong. Egg Tart then introduced milk in cafes and bakeries West to contend with a dim sum restaurant, especially yum cha. During the economic boom in the 1950s and 1960s, Lu Yu Teahouse led with his Egg Tart. A theory suggests that the milk Egg Tart originating from Hong Kong is actually adapting custard tarts that originated in England. Canton who had contact with the UK touted as the beginning of this adaptation process. Moreover, as a former British colony, Hong Kong also adopted some British food, thus further strengthening the theory Egg Tart from England. In the meantime another theory states that the milk is very similar to pie baking originally from Portuguese, Similar to milk pie cake Portuguese origin that has the name pastel de nata. In theory, this Egg Tart landed in Hong Kong via the Portuguese colony located in Macau.

In modern Hong Kong cuisine, Egg Tart comes in different variations like milk pie, honey pie egg, egg white pie, chocolate pie, pie green tea and ginger pie. All types of Egg Tart is a variation of the traditional Egg Tart served in Tengs Cha Chaan.


Seafood Dish That Have Many Protein And Minerals From Sea The Lobster Try It And Taste It

Culinary offerings so very special this time, we will make a variety of recipes using fresh water Lobster, and we know this is different from Lobster in the sea, at first glance seems crayfish smaller than Lobster in the sea. Lobster is quite seafood was very tasty and usually lobster is often served in expensive restaurants and luxury hotels, because the price is relatively expensive since lobster including seafood that is good and tasty and would greatly favor in the meal and served with warm rice with your beloved family and can be served at any time.

One simple way to make ready to eat Lobster is to finalize the lobster meat by frying. Fry the Lobster meat will indeed provide many menu choices can be made. For Lobster fried in whole or wrapped using flour can be sprinkled with seasoning flush any recipe. Crispness that comes from the Lobster meat is crisp and tender could provide its own delicacy sensation when eaten. However, when choosing a frying Lobster should not be done randomly.